E14: Ganfeng's Big Adventure. Mexico Clay. Bacanora. Tequila!

In the latest episode of Lithium-ion Rocks!, Howard Klein and Rodney Hooper take a look at the latest Lithium market happenings. S1 E14.

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Ganfeng Lithium’s US$30M prospective investment and off-take agreement with Bacanora Lithium is a very consequential deal.

Providing operational and, by our estimates, up to $150M in equity support, "Off-take Partner of First Resort" Ganfeng is once again taking astute, calculated risk with a large, long-lived clay asset that by any definition should be considered World Class.


Bacanora - advised by Citi and Canaccord - and its Sonora Lithium project, with Ganfeng, Hanwa, Red Kite and other large institutional support could be fully funded by end 2019 with targeted fast track Stage One production of 17,500t lithium carbonate by 2021.

#LithiumIonRocks co-hosts Howard Klein and Rodney Hooper dive deep with successful project developer and Bacanora CEO Peter Secker who outlines the background, deal details and what to expect over the next few months in what is yet another important strategic relationship for Ganfeng in another new Western Hemisphere emerging market jurisdiction.

We also preview next week’s pilgrimage to Santiago, Chile for the Lithium Industry’s flagship @Fastmarkets 11th Annual Lithium Supply Conference.


LithiumIonRocks First Ever Contest & Giveaway. “Who Can It Be Now?”

That is, our upcoming E15 guest - a serious player in the lithium industry.

Tune it to hear more about the contest and giveaway!

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