Thoughts from the floor - Energy Mines and Money 2019

We asked the audience at this week's Energy Mines and Money in Brisbane for their opinion on a range of topics relating to mining and investment. Here's what they told us.

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Using the interactive polling tool Sli.Do, we quizzed the audience at Energy Mines and Money which took place this week in Brisbane. 

As an introduction to the gold discussions, we asked whether the audience thought about the rate of M&A activity for gold (half the total value of global M&A in 2018 was for gold assets). The room was split, with an even 36% of attendees thinking that this amount of activity was unjustifiably high, and 36% of attendees saying that the rate was modestly high but reasonable. Only 21% thought that the statistic sounded about right, while 7% of people thought that was a surprisingly low percentage.

The trend for investors to focus on projects that are currently in production over those that are still in the exploration phase is no secret in the industry (you can read more about the trend in this article). With that in mind, we asked the audience what they think this means for funding for juniors in the exploration phase in the future. 

63% of respondents believed that financing for exploration projects will improve as metals prices improve, while 32% of respondents believed that juniors will have to consolidate to secure sufficient funding. Only 5% of attendees believed that the trend of investing in production projects would result in the majors resuming their historic role as the key explorers. 

Battery metals are hot right now, so we decided to ask the audience what they thought was the hottest battery commodity. This time, we allowed the audience to input free text so they could provide us their uninfluenced opinion. Vanadium, Nickel, and Lithium took out the top spots for this one. This was a stark contrast to the response at Mines and Money Asia earlier in the year where our audiences believed copper to be the hottest battery commodity. 

And of course, because we were in Brisbane we had to ask about the State of Origin (no real surprise at that answer considering how many attendees from Queensland were in the room!).

Do you agree with the thoughts of our audience? Comment below to let us know what you think about these results, or join in the conversation on social media via #EnergyMinesandMoney.

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over 2 years ago

Its interesting how different the answers to the battery metals questions were at Mines and Money Asia event in April to this event in Australia in June. Obviously a different audience but is it also a reflection in the change in market across those 2 months? Copper is certainly a strong area of interest for Mines and Money London at the moment.