E17: New Kid in Town. $LPI. I Got the Power

In the latest episode of Lithium-ion Rocks!, Howard Klein and Rodney Hooper take a look at the latest Lithium market happenings. S1 E17.

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Lithium Power International (ASX: LPI, OTC: LTHHF), has invested $50M advancing Maricunga, the most important Lithium Salar in Chile after Atacama, to Definitive Feasibility Study, positioning the company for potential full funding and Final Investment Decision upon final permitting expected later this year. Meantime, LPI will begin drilling highly prospective spodumene hard rock targets in elephant country Western Australia.

18 months into the Pinera Presidency, the LPI team reminds us of Chile's 30+ years of fast economic growth & political stability, its well established mining and environmental culture and the inherent competitive advantages of developing a high grade, low cost, conventional lithium project in one of the most skills- and infrastructure-rich locations in the world.

Ahead of FastMarkets 11th Annual Lithium Supply & Markets Conference in Santiago in early June, Howard Klein and Rodney Hooper had the opportunity to record four members of the LPI management and board, including CEO Cristobal Garcia Huidobro, Richard Crookes, David Hannon and Ricky Fertig.

Timeline Index

0:00-8:20: Introduction. "No dramas". Chile is "Open for Business"

8:20-10:15: Ricky Fertig discusses the history of the project and the importance of a strong local partner

10:15-11:15 David Hannon discusses the board composition and their backgrounds

11:15-15:15 Cristobal Garcia gives an overview of the project and outright ownership of land and the EIA process

15:15-17:30 Richard Crookes outlines the characteristics of the ideal strategic partner and a potential funding/capex strategy

17:30-20:30 Ricky & Cristobal discuss the benefits of the project's location and availability of key resources

20:30-25:15 Cristobal Garcia details how advanced the project is, the length access to fresh water and good relations with the local indigenous people

25:15:31:15 Richard Crookes discusses the hidden potential of the WA exploration assets and the proposed drilling program at Tabba Tabba. He provides further input on the Pilgangoora and Greenbushes assets. Richard and Howard discuss the Wesfarmers acquisition of Kidman and potential further lithium investment plans.

31:16: Wrap up

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Howard Klein

Founder & Partner, RK Equity