E18 S1 Finale: #LiTHiuMadMen. #ChangetheConversation

In the Season Finale of Lithium-ion Rocks!, Howard Klein and Rodney Hooper take a look at the latest Lithium market happenings.
E18 S1 Finale: #LiTHiuMadMen. #ChangetheConversation

1H Mr. Lithium Bull Market Scoreboard. Dead or a Livent?

E18 S1 Finale:     

0:00-5:04 Introduction

Howard discusses the change in conversation from price pressures to future chemical shortage. The battery arms race has begun and there’s a need to “overfund” to meet future demand. Geopolitics of Lithium. US Security of Supply. Mr Market scoreboard. Piedmont, Lithium Power International, Savannah, Infinity.

5:00-6:00. Tesla Lithium? Verbatim from Elon Musk at AGM & perspective on the potential for this vertical integration from recent podcast from Tesla gurus Galieo Russell (HyperChange) & Sam Korus (Ark Invest).

6-7 Chicago, Saturday in the Park. A man selling Ice Cream (Plain vaniLLa)

7 -9:30 Howard discusses Livent earnings, speciality chemicals multiples, and new discoveries/expansion - eg, Liontown, Piedmont, Carolina Tin Spodumene Belt.

9:30-13:15 Rodney discusses the 1st half and important trends to watch

13:15-15:30 Howard and Rodney discuss Europe as the new China and the OEM’s and the choices they’re making re EV’s

16:12-33 Tesla’s China factory and VW’s ability to make low prices cars. Eramet and the truth about how many projects are actually at an advanced stage. Project funding and who might get funded? Can new supply meet demand growth by the mid 2020’s? Chinese control of supply and Ganfeng’s growth strategy. What does Bacanora investment mean for Ganfeng - LAC/Thacker Pass? Will Ganfeng be welcomed to invest in #USA? Merge with LAC?

Dead or a Livent?

33-54 Chris Kapsch of Loop Capital discuss Livent in detail, including its place in the supply chain and whether like Albemarle it's a base load supplier? Price target and valuation time frame and which of LTHM and ALB he likes better.

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