Bridging the logjam from exploration to development to production

With the average exploration time for a discovery being 12 years, how can mining companies speed up the process?

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Did you know that a gold mine discovery made between 1950-59 would have an 85% chance of becoming a mine? Today the figure is 23%.  

With the average exploration time for a discovery being 12 years, what can be done to speed up the process?

It is undeniable that it is becoming progressively more difficult, and slower, to convert a discovery into a mine.  It is readily accepted that transition from exploration company to producer is one of the greatest risks of failure in a mine’s lifecycle, especially with so many projects being of non-investment grade as a consequence of Basel 3.

I talked to Jamie Strauss about this. Jamie is one of the best-connected brokers in London, with considerable experience at raising equity over many years. His new company, Digbee, offers a potential solution to this challenge. Digbee is a research platform bringing much needed transparency and clarity to the modern mining sector. By allowing accredited professionals the opportunity to analyse the data in economic/feasibility studies, it provides impartial analysis for any mining project.

Jamie is one of our speakers on our Session “Bridging the logjam from exploration to development to production” at this year’s Mines and Money London. Hosted by DMT Consulting, the session brings together leading miners and investors tackling critical questions such as:

  • Are permitting and government red tape issues getting worse? What are the solutions?
  • Why are PEA and PFS reports so inaccurate – what can be done?
  • What solutions are there at the mine financing end to take a project from exploration to development and production? Is equity financing dead? Are private placements the best / only way forward?

Speakers on this session include:

At Mines and Money, we like to position our event as a forward thinking show which doesn’t just discuss some of the challenges facing the industry, but also some of the solutions. We'll also be holding a webinar on Wednesday 4th September to dive deeper into this discussion. You can register to attend for free here. 

But what do you think? What is the one thing that industry can do to bridge the logjam from exploration to development to production? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Andrew Thake

Head of Content, Mines and Money