3 mining companies that will show you how to turn data into dolars

There are a lot of conversations taking place in the industry about the importance of data, but how can mining companies actually leverage data to deliver increase revenue?

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Big Data. Advanced data analytics. Data digital transformation. IOT All great buzzwords, but how can you practically use data in your organisation to deliver results now?

One trend I’ve noticed is that mining companies are becoming smarter at leveraging data in their business, delivering bottom-line benefits and generating revenue.

For our Mines and Technology Londonevent this year I’ve handpicked a couple of mining companies who have pioneered the use of data in their organisation.

Edson Antonio is the Global AI Manager for Vale. He believes that the biggest challenge isn’t implementing AI in your mining operation but developing a long-term strategy that continually delivers value throughout your business. He’ll be sharing his experience of how you can ensure that your AI doesn’t just deliver short-term quick wins but delivers real step-change long-term benefits.

Denise Callahan is Director-PMO, Analytics and Strategic Planning for The Doe Run Company. Denise believes that predictive data analytics isn’t just for the big majors and mid-tiers. Any producer can achieve significant step-change improvements by implementing predictive data analytics in key parts of their mining operations. She will share some of the success that Doe Run have had by being creative in their approach to funding, partnerships and platforms.

Rafael Estrada is Manager of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Process Control at Antamina Mining, a large copper and zinc operation in the Andes. You can easily save $250k per mine by using basic data monitoring tools. Rafael will show you how.

We’ll also have a fireside chat with Michelle Ash, Chair, Global Mining Guidelines Group. As former Chief Innovation Officer at Barrick, Michelle is a pioneer in taking the use of data to the next level.

Do you work for a mining company who have had success in turning data into dollars? Or are you a vendor who has a success story to share of one of your clients? If so we’d love to hear from you. 


Andrew Thake

Head of Content, Mines and Money