Podcast: Embracing leadership and its challenges with David Hawkins, MD BASF Australia

Right the Future sits down with David Hawkins from BASF Australia to explore his honest views on what it's really like to be modern day executive.

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David Hawkins, the Chairman and Managing Director of BASF Australia, provides insight into what it's really like to walk a mile in his shoes as an executive. He talks about how leadership has its share of challenges; what it takes for him to do the best that he can for his team and organisation.

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Janenie Mohgan

IMARC Young Ambassador, Melbourne Mining Club, Right the Future

Janenie Mohgan is the founder, podcast host and producer of Right the Future. Janenie created this podcast to form a movement of visionaries who collectively believe in a better and more progressive future of work. Right the Future, a business podcast, aims to influence progress through genuine and unscripted conversations with modern leaders. A young professional, Janenie is passionate about the future workforce and the role of young talent in redefining the mining industry. She is proud to be a Young Ambassador for IMARC in 2019 in support of its commitment towards the next generation of mining. Although she started her career as a geologist, Janenie's expertise now lie in digital strategy, content creation and young talent engagement.