First Tell a Story, then Run a Business with Tony Manini

We talk to Tony Manini, Executive Director and Investment Committee at EMR Capital to discuss the challenges of acquiring funding in early-stage exploration.
First Tell a Story, then Run a Business with Tony Manini

One of the main non-technical challenges in mineral exploration is getting investment. Most companies seem to overwhelmingly favour one model: becoming a publicly listed company on a stock exchange to raise funds. The challenge there is how to effectively engage a largely uninformed investor base and retain them over the long term. Maybe we would be better off with a private funding model for early stage exploration - similar to venture capital firms funding startups. Would early stage exploration be better funded and supported this way? Irrespective of how you get funding, the lesson may be that we need to remember to run exploration like a business

Our guest today is Tony Manini, who started his career running exploration programs in CRA/Rio Tinto, then helped grow Oxiana, a publicly listed junior explorer, to a multi-billion dollar company and now is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of a private equity firm called EMR Capital. Having been involved in the 3 separate parts of our industry from an investment perspective, we wanted to talk to him about lessons he learned along the way.  

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This post originally appeared on Exploration Radio and has been republished here with permission.