Datacloud CTO to present at Mines & Tech London

Datacloud CTO Krishna Srinivasan will present a talk at the upcoming Mines + Technology Conference in London called “Real-Time Analysis of Your Orebody” on November 25th, explaining the benefits to using a tool like MinePortal.

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Datacloud CTO Krishna Srinivasan will explain how implementing, utilizing, and upscaling a “Real-Time Analysis of Your Orebody” will benefit production at the upcoming Mines + Technology Conference in London on November 25th.  

Datacloud is pleased to announce the latest application of their groundbreaking software, MinePortal. There are massive untapped data sets of mine site's geology. MinePortal can process this data automatically for geologists, analyze it with proprietary algorithms catered to customer pain points, and integrate the answers within an engineer's workflow. As operations progress, feedback loops of new data will dramatically increase predictability for planners, drill and blast specialists, mill operators, and more. This will enable teams to work alongside their changing geology rather than against it.  

MinePortal can for the first time also be used for underground mining operations.

MinePortal can create a high-resolution digital twin of a company’s orebody and share it across their operations. Teams will be able to track, learn, and improve their mine to mill performance. It will be their single source of geology truth to break down knowledge silos and create a digital health monitoring system from the rock to the mill.  

On Monday, November 25th at 10:50am GMT, Datacloud CTO Krishna Srinivasan will present a talk at the upcoming Mines + Technology Conference in London called “Real-Time Analysis of Your Orebody” explaining the benefits of the right scale of rock knowledge at the right time with MinePortal.

Srinivasan is an innovative data scientist with an impressive background in analytics, cloud architecture and artificial intelligence. He has designed and managed the implementation of numerous industrial company cloud platforms for which reliability, accuracy and scalability have been mandatory requirements. Krishna works very closely with DataCloud’s team of geoscience and drill and blast experts to convert their domain expertise into readily deployed technology that generates real-time answer products and solutions. He has a Masters Degree in Data Science and Industrial Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, in addition to an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley.

I hope you can join for this presentation if you will be attending Mines & Technology London. Please contact to meet with the team on site or if you have any questions.  

Lindsey R. Miller

Director of Marketing/Communications, DataCloud/Mining2Me

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