E21: After The (white) Gold Rush: E3 LiTHiuM. Alive-nt in Alberta

In the latest episode of Lithium-ion Rocks!, Howard Klein and Rodney Hooper take a look at the latest Lithium market happenings. S2 E22.

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Tesla Profits & Lithium Prophets

As LME Week transitions toward Hotel California Benchmark Minerals Anodes/Cathodes and Deutsche Bank’s annual New York Lithium & Battery Supply Chain conference, Rodney Hooper shares thoughts on profitability - Tesla Q3 and Volkswagen’s long-term expectations - BMW direct battery materials sourcing, Tianqi’s overrun at Kwinana and the math behind $12K+ battery quality lithium pricing long-term. Howard comments on North American Rock - the evolving Carolina to Quebec Hydroxide Hub - and borate/lithium plays in Western USA.

And let's not forget Brien Lundin’s 45th Annual New Orleans Investment Conference Halloween Weekend at which Benchmark’s Simon Moores & The BOSS Keith Phillips @PiedmontLithium will be the principal EV-angelizers of the lithium investment thematic.

New Kid in Town: E3 Metals Corp (TSX-V: ETMC, CAD 10M market cap)

After The (white) Gold Rush of 2016/2017, and with substantial shortages of battery quality lithium chemicals forecast by as early as 2022/23 by virtually every analyst who has examined the lithium business the longest and in greatest detail, Livent, the world’s fifth biggest producer and acknowledged technology leader, has executed their first meaningful investment outside their core resource in Argentina and processing facilities in North Carolina, China, India and the UK.

Committing up to USD 5.5M with potential to convert to 19.9% ownership of E3 Metals, Livent looks to be making a low risk, potentially high reward foray to prove via a Joint Development Project that Direct Lithium Extraction/Ion-Exchange Process can commercially convert the lithium-rich Le Duc oilfield reservoir - 6.7M LCE inferred resource to date - to an initial 20,000 t battery quality lithium hydroxide production by 2023 and scale from there.

In E21, “Alive-nt in Alberta: E3 LiTHiuM," LithiumIonRocks discuss with Chris Doornbos, CEO of E3 Metals the back story to this under-the-radar lithium developer, and expected milestones over the next 12-18 months and beyond on the road to potentially becoming a new, secure & sustainable supplier of what Volkswagen calls the “Irreplaceable Element for the Electric Era".

Podcast Index:

0 - 2:37 - Introduction 2:38 - 12: 15 - Rodney on Tesla, EU, $12K+ long-term BQ lithium price 12:16 - 24:30 - Howard on Nemaska, Piedmont, Rio Tinto, ioneer, Senator Schumer’s EV plan 24 - 50 - Q&A with Chris Doornbos, CEO E3 Metals

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Howard Klein

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