E23: A Change is Gonna Come - Roger Atkins, EV Outlook

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One of LinkedIns most influential voices about Electric Vehicles, Roger Atkins has amassed nearly 300,000 followers over 15 years immersed in the accelerating disruption of the passenger vehicle market and all other forms of e-mobility. "From Electric Guitars to Electric Cars," this accomplished solo musician shares a lot in common with one Lithium-ion Rocks co-host including Southern American blues influences to Robert Plant and Mick Jagger.

A chance breakfast encounter at Hotel California with Simon Moores at the Benchmark Minerals Cathodes conference planted the seed for this episode. Roger shares his astonishment that the automobile companies he watches pour billions into unproven autonomous technology ventures for the distant future,, but leave themselves “hostile to fortune” in a few years because they have not secured adequate critical mineral lithium supply.

Lithium-ion Rocks also previews E24 with The BOSS #KeithPhillips of Nasdaq and ASX-listed #PiedmontLithium following their major milestone federal 404 permit for mine and concentrator.

Podcast Index

0-3:15 Introduction of Roger Atkins & His Background

3:15-25 - Q&A with "Great Question" Rodney Hooper & Howard Klein

PHEV vs. BEV debate? Will PHEVs be the dominant EV or will BEVs like Tesla be more popular? Sustainability? Climate Consciousness? How important is the battery supply chain carbon footprint to EV buyers in Europe? What is his sense about Europeans willingness to buy an EV if it costs more than ICE? Will they pay a premium to "do the right thing?" How important are EV buyer subsidies? Do OEMs recognize their "hostage to fortune" upstream lithium materials vulnerabilities? Will 2020 be the first year we see Tesla, Volkswagen or other auto OEMs allocate $1-2B checks not just to distant autonomous vehicle venture dreams, but to direct investments in mining and chemical production to address imminent hydroxide shortages? Which countries, projects are best placed to attract such investment/partnerships?

25-45 Interview with Keith Phillips of Piedmont Lithium

Keith reflects on his 30 months since becoming The BOSS when Piedmont had only 500 acres and 19 drill holes, and, following a major milestone 404 permit for its mine and concentrator, discuss the path over the next 12 months to definitive feasibility study and full funding/final investment decision toward first battery quality lithium hydroxide production by 2023.

Piedmont is listed on #ASX and #Nasdaq, ticker #PLL

The company has no debt and a market cap of USD 60M. 100% of its production is available as off-take to prospective customers/partners/investors.

PLL in July raised AUD21 M at 14.5 cents with large institutions adding a new 9% blue--chip investor, Fidelity International alongside Australia's largest institutional investor AusSuper Annuation, following their rights to maintain a 13% stake. PLL trades today at 11 cents, despite its lightning speed project advancement/permitting.

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