Join Datacloud during PDAC this year, where we'll be presenting alongside Trevali, Microsoft, BDO, and MineRP

Our presentation will build the business case for innovation and look at how platforms, such as dynamics and Azure, MineRP, and DataCloud, supported Trevali's T90 program and reduced 50M of operating expenses.

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Triple Bottom Line: People, Partnerships, and Platforms

‍Digital strategies are at the forefront of today's progressive mining companies. We have heard the innovation stories of large mining organizations like BHP, Rio Tinto, Vale, Barrick, Golcorp, and Glencore from mining publications like, CIM, PDAC, and the Northern Miner. But, what about the junior and mid tier miners? Where are they innovating and how are they getting senior management from operations, finance, geology and HR to support significant investments in people - partnerships - and platforms? What was the business case that impacts their AISC and ESG targets? 

Join me to learn from Trevali Mining's leadership and its ecosystem of partners about how they addressed this in the roll out of their #T90 innovation program.

Innovation Has a Triple Bottom Line: People, Partnerships, and Platforms
Monday, March 2nd (PDAC week)
12:00 PM -2:00 PM EST
Microsoft Technology Center
Toronto Dominion Centre, 222 Bay St Suite 1201, Toronto, ON M5K 1E7 

Visit BDO's event page for sign up information. 

Agenda: - Building the business case for innovation - real life case study for a mid market miner with four operating mines in Canada, South America, and Africa - People and partnerships with organizations that support innovation - How platforms, such as dynamics and Azure, MineRP, and DataCloud, supported Trevali's T90 program and reduced 50M of operating expenses

MinePortal Application

DataCloud's orebody knowledge software creates an integrated production model from each operation of your mine. By applying advanced geostatistical and machine learning algorithms to data across your value chain, it leads to a more informed and adaptable decision-making process. It all starts by automating the analysis of production drilling data. With a quality understanding of rock structure and strength, blasting teams deliver better fragmentation. And with continually improving D&B decisions throughput increases and dilution reduces. MinePortal then correlates the mine site's other datasets back to the ore block's properties. This holistic approach to operational improvement increases mine to mill productivity.

iron ore geology modeling with mineportal, datacloud's machine learning algorithms are helping operators use mine site wide data to track ore

Lindsey R. Miller

Director of Marketing/Communications, DataCloud/Mining2Me

An antiquated perception of the sector overshadows our society's fierce reliance on mining. My grandmother worked for Anadarko and was a Desk and Derrick Club member. Communicating about the extraction industry is in my roots. The world has changed significantly since my Mimi was present. Mining's progress will soar if we all holistically understand and fully participate in the industry. I use transparent communication methods and prioritizes public education. My varied background in digital marketing and communications supports my roles throughout the sector, including Director of Marketing and Business Development at DataCloud and Director of Communications at Mining2Me.