How can a second passport help your business?

Mobility will be a key competitive advantage for businesses looking to remain agile in 2021. In this video interview, Harvey Law Group's Jean-Francois Harvey explains how executives can make the most of secondary residencies and citizenships.

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Covid-19 is impacting our freedom of movement both in the short and long-term. But when business still requires face-to-face connections, how can businesses gain the competitive advantage of mobility that will be required to succeed in 2021?

According to Harvey Law Group's Worldwide Managing Partner & Founder Jean-Francois Harvey, relocation is a viable option for business leaders looking to maintain a competitive advantage with local communities in different countries around the world.

“The key right now is to secure as many residency rights as you can,” said Jean-Francois Harvey.

“With or without Covid-19, there is a fundamental right all around the world that you are allowed to return to your country of nationality or residence.”

And secondary residency rights aren’t just a possibility for business executives. According to Mr Harvey, HLG has been working with the HR department at a number of large businesses to identify employees who have other nationalities or residency permits so that businesses can fully utilise what already exists in their team and relocate these team members to strategic places.

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