Maximizing Production With Dynamic Maintenance Planning And Scheduling

Following yesterday’s presentation at IMARC Online, we spoke with Dassault Systèmes, Michael Stockbridge to gain further insights on how to maximize production with dynamic maintenance planning and scheduling.

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Following yesterday’s presentation at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) Online, we spoke with Dassault Systèmes, DELMIA Account Lead, Energy and Materials, Asia Pacific South, Michael Stockbridge and Sean Ashari, Senior Solution Consultant, to gain further insights on how to maximize production with dynamic maintenance planning and scheduling.

The Goal:

  • Return 1 Day to production
  • Reduce 1% on OPEX
  • Reduce the duration of shut window by 1%

Mining operations are complex, and require an extremely high level of planning, scheduling, coordination and reporting in order to ensure they run like clockwork and deliver on production targets. Improving performance and productivity in a mining operation is no small task.

One of the greatest barriers to improving sustainability and profitability in mining operations is operational inefficiency. Operational efficiency is not only about the quantity of material a mine processes; a sound maintenance schedule is crucial for optimum safety, reliability and productivity.

In order to perform maintenance works, a mine site needs to periodically shutdown. Regular maintenance is necessary in order to ensure a mining operation runs smoothly and to decrease risk of unplanned downtime if machinery is not properly maintained. However, every hour that a mining operation is idle translates into millions of dollars of lost potential revenue. Therefore, it is important to meticulously plan shutdowns for maximum safety, minimum disruption.

A single integrated decision support system can help efficiently plan and schedule maintenance mining operations. This means reducing down time due to maintenance activities, returning days to production and improving capacity utilization.

Dassault Systèmes DELMIA Quintiq Maintenance Planning Solutions for mining enable operations to model, plan and optimise their business from end to end. This means that mining operators can conduct concurrent comparative analysis of multiple what-if scenarios to ensure feasibility of planning and scheduling decisions. There is real-time notification of conflicts arising from planning and events enabling operators to maximise utilisation and reduce cost of under-utilised resources. 

Dassault Systèmes DELMIA Quntiq Maintenance Planning Solutions have grown out of leaner industries, allowing us to demonstrate improvement for mining operations. The applications have helped improve Eurotunnel's maintenance efficiency and customer service.

The Eurotunnel is a vital link between the United Kingdom and central Europe. The 50km-long Channel Tunnel consists of two running tunnels, each divided into 3 intervals, and a service tunnel for maintenance and safety access. With 38km of the tunnel undersea, it is the longest undersea tunnel ever built. It is also the most circulated railway in the world, with 400 trains per day in peak periods, running Eurotunnel passenger and truck shuttles, high-speed passenger trains and freight trains – that is one train every 3 minutes. Any unplanned downtime will have a significant impact on operations.

Using Dassault Systèmes applications, Eurotunnel is able to concentrate maintenance activities into just one night per week, freeing up capacity for commercial services. In addition, Eurotunnel is able to make preventative maintenance decisions up to three years in advance as well as swiftly respond to any disruptions on the day of operations, balancing tunnel maintenance requirements with service offers and customer satisfaction.

For more information on how to maximize production with integrated maintenance planning and scheduling, you can watch Michael’s presentation on Dynamic Maintenance Planning & Scheduling with the On Demand feature at IMARC Online, or catch up with Dassault Systèmes at their virtual exhibition booth, on now until the 27th of November.

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