Travel Flexibility Options for the Business Traveller

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Covid19 has highlighted the need for us all to think differently about how we approach our travel options, individuals as well as companies are feeling the effect on international business travel. We cannot take the ability to travel to places of business for granted. In these unprecedented times, even top-tier passports have failed to protect our travel freedoms. The restrictions placed upon borders have had far reaching impacts for all businesses.

In this age of ‘new normal’ we all need to reassess our global mobility strategy.  When global mobility and international business travel will return to normalcy remains in question. The existing measures around skills and team composition still exist but we now need to add in a flexibility measure.

Companies need to assess how they ensure that key staff continue to be able to reach the areas of the world that are mission critical.  Much of your ability to travel is based upon the power of your passport. However, this isn’t a simple case of being stuck with what you were born with. There are several ways to increase your options dramatically. Some creative management can allow you to create a global mobility insurance policy for your employees and yourself - Mitigation of risk is essential; we have all become blatantly aware of what happens when boarders close. Risk management has always been critical in mining but Covid19 have highlighted a risk that few businesses were focused on.

Jean-Francois Harvey Worldwide Managing Partner & Founder, Harvey Law Group, said “We been working with management boards across the globe for more than 25 years. Our goal is to help them to create teams that have flexible mobility options. Never again should we be in the position where we are dramatically restricted from travelling to key business locations. There are so many options beyond the immediately obvious.”

There are three areas that all businesses should now look at to create the flexibility they need:

  • Residency
  • Permanent Residency
  • Citizenship

To find out what your options are and how to mitigate them, complete the form below and someone will be in contact with you.

You can also download a short presentation from Harvey Law Group that covers the options in more detail.  DOWNLOAD here

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