Bridging the logjam from exploration to production

The average exploration time for a discovery is 12 years. In this interactive webinar on 3rd September, our expert panel will discuss how mining companies can speed up the process.

Aug 09, 2019

A gold mine discovery made between 1950 -59 would have an 85% chance of becoming a mine. Today that figure is just 23%.

It is becoming progressively more difficult, and slower, to convert a discovery into a mine.  It is readily accepted that transition from exploration company to producer is one of the greatest risks of failure in a mine’s lifecycle, especially with so many projects being of non-investment grade as a consequence of Basel 3.


Bridging the logjam from exploration to development to production

1:00pm BST, Tuesday 3rd September
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During this 45 minute webinar, our expert panel will discuss:

  • The main challenges at the exploration stage that lengthens the time to profitability
  • The due diligence process and how it can be improved
  • The financing options for mine development and construction
  • and more

Unable to attend the webinar live? Register your details and we'll email you a copy of the recording 24 hours after the webinar has taken place.


Jamie Strauss
CEO, Digbee

Willem Middelkoop
Founder and CIO, Commodity Discovery Fund

Jonathan Goodman
Executive Chairman, Dundee Corporation

Jayant Bhandar, 
Senior Analyst - Mining & Minerals & Institutional Investor Consultant

Jeremy Wrathall
CEO, Cornish Lithium
Andrew Thake
Head of Content, Mines and Money

Mines and Money London Webinar series

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