What to expect at Mines and Money Asia 2019

With less than two months to go, Mines and Money Asia's conference producer Amy Rotman takes a look at some of the highlights that attendees can expect to experience at Asia's leading Mining Investment Event.

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Feb 15, 2019

Mines and Money Asia is fast approaching. With our team busy putting the final preparations on the programme, exhibition, and networking opportunities, I wanted want to share some of the most exciting features for this year’s event.

The Discussions

Gold & Precious Metals and the Battery Metals are some of the key metals in focus in 2019. On the gold front we’ll be examining what the latest trends in M&A mean for the industry, together with some of the top companies in the market like Yamana Gold and IAMGOLD.

Vanadium is topping the battery metals space for spotlighted companies at this year’s Mines and Money Asia. With China’s great push on the EV scene, insights into policies and public attitudes will help to illuminate the key opportunities in this space. Gianni Kovacevic, Executive Chairman of CopperBank will be keynote speaker on Day 1, touching on how investors can capitalise on the changing investment thesis for the battery metals.

Investor-led discussions are always a great way to gain insight into where people are spending their money, and the keynote investment panels at this year’s event will focus on opportunities and barriers that investors are up against. There will be a strong focus on regional investment, with investors and Chinese SOEs touching on China, Central Asia, and the impact of the Belt & Road Initiative.

The Experts

We have a great line up of miners and investors at this year’s event. We’re excited to bring on board a specialty keynote speaker this year, Leanne Kemp, founder of the blockchain platform Everledger which uses the technology to track diamonds and other valuable products. Leanne will be sharing her thoughts on the future of the technology and, in turn, the supply chains it works with. Blockchain technology has the opportunity to completely change the way the industry’s supply chains work and so this insight will help to illuminate how both corporates and investors can look at the potential of technology to shift the industry moving forward.

The Networking

We continue to expand on the networking and social engagements for Mines and Money Asia. The Guru Garden, situated in the middle of the exhibition floor, is a place to grab a coffee and have a one-on-one consultation with one of our investment gurus.

The Mines and Money Connect Meeting Planner is our brand new app enabling all attendees to pre-arrange meetings and create a personalized schedule, leading to more deals and meeting opportunities. And all from the palm of their hand.

Our daytime networking receptions will feature dim sum lunches and special investor breakfasts, while the Hong Kong After Dark programme has our evening drinks receptions highlighting all that Hong Kong has to offer, including rooftop venues that showcase the amazing night skyline.

Mines and Money Asia 2019 takes place in Hong Kong, 2-4 April.

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Amy Rotman

Conference Programme Director, Beacon Events

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