State of the Market (January 2019)

Chris Hinde, Mining Beacon Chief Commentator, sat down with Andrew Thake, Head of Content at Mines and Money, to discuss the current state of the metals and mining market, Q3 performance, and what the industry can expect moving forward.

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In this discussion, Chris Hinde and Andrew Thake discuss:

  • The current size and shape of the international mining market
  • The performance of commodity prices since the financial crisis of 2008
  • The weakness of metals prices in the years preceding 2016, and the strategies adopted by mining companies to face these falling prices
  • The impact of price fluctuations on mining exploration success
  • Investors' attraction to the mining sector
  • M&A activity in the mining sector and the subsequent effect on mining equities
  • Predictions for mining exploration, mining investment, and metals prices in 2019

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